We Have Been Helping People with Mould Problems on the Mid North Coast for Over 20 Years

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Bellingen Shire Council
Mindless Float & Relaxation
David – Port Macquarie
Bill – Coffs Harbour

Great advice and solutions that were extremely helpful and effective! Highly recommended.

Friendly service and great advice. I had no idea one could know so much about a dehumidifier!
They also have this awesome cleaning product called Aquamagic that is totally eco and has no smell you should try some – it’s like the ultimate windex.

I have rarely experienced such caring and thoughtful support from a company. There has been a recurrent problem with a unit we purchased (no fault of moisture cure) and these people have gone out of their way repeatedly to help and continue to offer support long after their warranty obligations ended. I recommend them highly.

great experience from a professional company. Delivered what they promised and were very helpful.

I have recently sought the professional service of the great people of Moisture Cure.. I was amazed at what they were able to do for my storage unit which was turned into an entertainment area. The product they recommended has solved our issues with both humidity and bad smell… Thanks Moisture Cure…

We had a great experience with Moisture Cure. We were throwing money away hand over fist until Bob solved our problem. Very professional, and very responsive. Thanks Bob!

Hello, we have had the dehumidifier system installed under our house, the difference in the dampness & odours was almost immediate. I suffer from chronic asthma & bronchitis, & from the first moment I stepped inside I couldn’t believe the difference in my breathing & also how much my Ventolin intake has reduced. The carpet has completely dried out within a couple of weeks & the nasty odours in the built-in wardrobes & kitchen cupboards has disappeared completely. The internal dehumidifier is keeping the interior of the house at a very comfortable 50% humidity, perfect for asthmatics, this also keeps the air free of those nasty little flying particles that keep your throat tickling & cause coughing. AMAZING. Thank you Moisture Cure.

Mould Inspection and Removal Services

If you are seeing signs of moisture like mould, dampness, water damage or rotting in your home or commercial property we can help.