We stock a huge range of portable and subfloor dehumidifiers available for purchase from our Moisture Cure showroom. All of the portable and subfloor dehumidifiers we stock are used and recommended by our team. We have dehumidifiers available to suit any budget.

Speak with out friendly team today to find out which portable and subfloor dehumidifiers are suitable to your unique situation.

Dehumidifiers Mid North Coast

Portable Dehumidifiers

Our range of portable dehumidifiers will help you stay comfortable in humid conditions. They will also reduce the impact of mould and dampness in your home, improve air quality and most importantly, reduce your exposure to serious health risks cause by mould and other allergens.

Our range of portable dehumidifiers are the most effective way you can extract moisture from the air in your home and provide your family with dry and healthy air.

Portable Dehumidifiers Mid North Coast
Subfloor Dehumidifiers Mid North Coast

Subfloor Dehumidifiers

Subfloor spaces are the small area underneath your floor, they are partially underground and can become humid and damp, causing mould growth that will damage your property and make you sick. Humidity and moisture in your subfloor can lead to the “stack effect”. This causes, humid air, odours, and mould spores from your subfloor to spread throughout your house or commercial premises.

Our range of professional subfloor dehumidifiers are designed especially for these environments. They clean and dry your subfloor, transforming it from a damp and moist environment to a healthy dry space. This keeps your property save and the inhabitants healthy.

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Mould Inspection and Removal Services

If you are seeing signs of moisture like mould, dampness, water damage or rotting in your home or commercial property we can help.