Mould Inspections and Assessments

If you’ve noticed dampness or mould in your building, your first course of action is to get a building health evaluation. The mould assessment will assist in identifying the source of the mould problem, the extent of impact and the safest and most convenient remediation.
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Mould Inspections

A mould inspection is required to identify where the mould issue is in the home or building, and find all the contributing factors that are causing the mould contamination. This is the most important first step to avoid further risk of exposure to occupants. Our inspection process starts with an interview with the occupants to determine if they are at risk of mould related illness or respiratory illness.

Finding the cause of the moisture problems can be difficult, as mould can grow inside your wall cavities, under your carpet lining, inside the ceiling, under your house, in your air conditioner, as well as many other hard to reach locations. It is very important that the source of the water or moisture is found and fixed before the mould becomes a potentially deadly problem and to make sure that a proper treatment plan is made.

Moisture Cure Mould Inspections

Mould Reports

We work hard to ensure our clients are provided with a detailed and thoroughly documented mould report. All useful diagnostic information is included in the report. Our mould report will clearly identify the cause of your mould problem, assess the extent of the mould and damage it has caused. We will also provide you with information on what will be needed to fix the mould and moisture issues and provide a detailed treatment plan.

Our report will provide all of the background information relating to the investigation along with any relevant history of mould and dampness in the building. Our report will also include recommendations for treatment of the mould problem. All our reports include photographs related to the inspection process.

Finding Mould

If you find mould indoors it should be assessed by an experienced mould professional who is highly skilled at mould investigations. If any contributing factors are overlooked due to inexperience the mould will continue to return. Moisture Cure takes an expert approach to mould investigations, a detailed understanding of the home or building provides us with the basis of our investigation. Our decades of experience are vital in this process.

Visible mould on the walls, in your air conditioner, around the base of skirting boards, on the ceiling, around wallpaper and any other surfaces and in the subfloor are given special attention during the mould inspection. Our expert inspection team use non-destructive devices such as moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, hygrometers, wall cavity inspection cameras and dust particulate counters to detect hidden moisture, isolate the areas of potential mould growth and determine the cause of the mould. In more extreme situations an invasive inspections may be required.

How to Take Out Mould From Your Home Mid North Coast

Mould Inspection and Removal Services

If you are seeing signs of moisture like mould, dampness, water damage or rotting in your home or commercial property we can help.