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Firstly thanks for the quick delivery of my dehumidifier.  If anyone would have told me that I would extract approx. 110 litres of water from my house in the first week of operating the dehumidifier I would have said “I don’t think so”.  Orange smileyWell that’s exactly what happened.  After telling some people at work about this they all gave a similar response as “boy you must have some problems with your house”.  Then they started looking around their own homes and can now see they are living with the problem as well.

I am an ex smoker and have developed an acute sensitivity to smells.  I have used “damp rids” for a long time in my home and can smell the change in weather as if it is rotting timber under my nose.  Since I have been using the dehumidifier (three weeks), my home now just smells neutral even with the weather change.  All my furniture is timber and with the humidity of this weather I would be regularly wiping over my furniture to prevent it from smelling.  I have not had to do this since I have run the dehumidifier.  The greatest change has been in my study, especially the filing cabinet, which has destroyed more than one good leather compendium with dampness in its time.  Even my computer and photographic paper feels crisper and slides through my printer much easier than when it held some moisture. 
I would suggest every home needs a dehumidifier, and stop living with the dampness.  Thank you.
Judith Jackson
Finance Manager / Forster-Tuncurry Memorial Services Club Ltd

Are you lucky enough to have a theatre room in your home?  One of our customers rang and said his electronic projection equipment was breaking down after about 12 months.  The room was 80 square metres in the basement of her home and continually smelled damp.  We calculated the volume of the room and were told a family of 4 regularly entertained there. Thank you1With this information we made our recommendation.  Our customer decided to go ahead and a week later rang to say, “Wow, our theatre room no longer smells of mould and the humidity level is way down to around 50 % humidity!”  Their IT guy loved it, the family loved it and the theatre equipment lived happily ever after.

One day I noticed that my two fairly new leather sofas were mouldy.  I washed them with soap as suggested by the seller and then installed a dehumidifier in the lounge room, which I put on “continuous”.  Despite the wet weather continuing, the sofas have been mould free ever since.  Thank you very much to Moisture Cure for this product!
Annette from Bellingen

I would just like to let everyone know how satisfied I am with the Moisture Cure product and team.  I have a large 5 bedroom home which has had continual moisture problems until now.  10 star1They were extremely informative and willing to answer any questions I had and helped me make the right choice for my home.  Not only this, but the unit was delivered very promptly and the service was excellent. Thank you for the old fashioned service, I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.  10 out of 10 guys – bravo!
Craig, Mobury North, South Australia

Thank you so much for my wonderful dehumidifier.  It is just sucking gallons of moisture out of my home!  The delivery was very prompt and hassle free.  I’ll be recommending your company to friends. 

“Happiness is a cellar at 60% RH”.  Thanks again.Tick
Warrick Bishop

Have received the dehumidifier, thank you very much.  Have already emptied it twice and it’s only been in the lounge room overnight and today.  Amazing how much moisture is here!!  Again thanks for your quick response and delivery.
Julie-anne, Sailfish Catamarans, Alstonville

I have only used the dehumidifier for a few days, but have found it to be truly excellent; I do not know how I lived for so long without one.  Expect to sell more of these units as I recommend them to family and friends!  Thanks again for your time.
Vic.  (Victor Jones, N.Z.)

I am in awe of my dehumidifier as to how much moisture it takes out and the musty smell has gone.
S. Smith, Lane CovePurple smiley

We now live less than 700 metres from the beach and discovered a serious moisture problem on our leather lounge, shoes and bags.  It was also causing the paint on our ceilings to blister. We purchased a Moisture Cure dehumidifier and it solved all of our problems.  The service provided by Moisture Cure was excellent.
Donna Holland, Port Macquarie

My new leather sofas were mouldy, so I bought a dehumidifier and the sofas have been mould free ever since.

Thank you very much to Moisture Cure for this product!
Cary Wright, Laurieton

These are great. We have one in one of our units at the resort (Shelly Beach Resort) and they keep the mould at bay. Thumbs upWouldn’t be without it, and it has saved us a fortune in maintenance costs that we use to have to pay in damage from the mould.
Dawn Pratt-Marchment, Port Macquarie

We were absolutely amazed by the difference these machines made in our home even after one day’s use.  Have not looked back since; mould gone, musty smells gone.  These past days of 80% humidity, the difference has been very noticeable inside the house, maintaining 35-40% humidity.  Cannot recommend this product enough!
Pamela Lewis, Carnegie VIC

Thanks for quick delivery of the dehumidifier. Sue has been amazed by the result.  The difference in air quality is amazing.  Smells sweeter and the room is warmer as the moisture is removed from the air. Star

I’m just so happy to have found your site & have something that really works for Sue, her health will really benefit which for older people is a major issue.
Tuts. (Wawatai)

We live about 50 metres from the water and I was continually fighting mould in the house.   About six weeks ago I saw a TV advertisement for a Moisture Cure dehumidifier.  It is no exaggeration to say that it has removed buckets of water from the air in the house. 
I just couldn’t believe I’d feel the difference.
Jane Leyton, Queensland10 star

Great shop, great products and great service.
Peter Cartwright, Brisbane

I was optimistic that this machine would help us but I have to say that I am really IMPRESSED!!!!! The air smells fresher and cleaner and if we haven’t had it on for a day or so, you really notice the difference.  Our biggest problem was condensation on the windows and now our windows are condensation free.  I am so glad I found you as we were really desperate to find a solution to our problems. Thanks for such a fantastic product!!
Trish Harwood, Vic

Our dehumidifier is wonderful! The damp smell has definitely gone and it’s not as humid! In such a short time it’s made such a difference. And we just want to say a HUGE thank you for such wonderful helpful friendly service!
M. O’Keefe, SydneyTick

Perhaps the greatest benefit to me has come from this drier air totally eliminating a cough that has plagued me for decades.  I had been to specialist after specialist with no result.  Within a few days of using the dehumidifier the cough had disappeared.  I am very, very grateful.
E. W.  Wooli, NSW

We have used our dehumidifier for 4 years now.  It is one of our most prized appliances.  Our home is much drier and warmer in the winter and it’s easier to control humidity in the summer.  Mould and mildew is now a thing of the past.  We love our Moisture Cure(r).
Mr & Mrs Neil Hoy, Port Macquarie NSW

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