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Shower Witch 2 litre


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What is it?

Shower Witch takes the hard work out of cleaning your bathroom.  It’s simple to apply and the results are truly magical.  Best of all it contains no aggressive chemicals, is biodegradeable and actually smells good.

How it works:

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Simply spray, leave and rinse.  Spray after showering, leave overnight and wash down tomorrow.  (A wipe down may help in extreme cases).  Just watch the scum and grime disappear before your eyes.

Surfaces Shower Witch works best on:

  • GlassShower Witch Before and After
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Stone
  • Acrylic
  • Chrome
  • Vitreous china
  • Enamel
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel



  • Spray on today, rinse off tomorrow
  • No elbow grease
  • Less time
  • Magic results
  • Fast applicator gun
  • No aggressive chemicals
  • Fresh vanilla fragrance


Caution:  Will not remove hard mineral deposits (water spotting); shower base may be slippery after application – rinse off before showering; do test spot if you have dark tiles and hard water

Video tagVideo: Shower Witch Application

  • Applicator gun supplied.
  • When you finish your shower in the morning, spray all your surfaces including the base.  It’s so easy because you are already there.  It’s not a chore!
  • Leave it to soak until your next shower (preferably overnight) – not necessary though if you are cleaning regularly.
  • Use your shower head to rinse it all down. If you don’t have a removable shower head, then clean the shower as you already do – by wiping it down or with a bucket of water and cloth. Be careful to spray the base first in case it is slippery.
  • Just watch the soap scum, body fats and grime dissolve away and disappear before your eyes.
  • A wipe down may help in extreme cases.
  • Your chrome, glass…. everything…will absolutely sparkle.


 You’ll love the vanilla fragrance!

Only use it when you see a scum build up. 



Testimonials for Shower Witch:Testimonial clipart

BBQ Cleaning
I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday. Remembered the ad about Shower Witch around the barbeque. Used it on top of the pantry where it was all greasy, FANTASTIC… 5 minutes wiped it off, then I got enthused and used it on the range hood, unbelievable results.  Sprayed on stainless steel benchtop – wiped off, wiped over with soapy water and polished with a stainless cloth.  Grimy walls no problem.  Add that to your list of uses for Shower Witch. Shayne

Bathroom Cleaning
Wow, this would have to be the most amazing product I have ever come across. I hate cleaning to the extent that my mother-in-law gave me some Shower Witch as a gift (big hint!!). I sprayed it in my shower/bath and left it. For the rest of the day I was wondering what the nice smell in the bathroom was. I thought the kids had been playing with some soap or something. It was only later when I looked at the shower and thought, I don’t remember cleaning that, then I remembered I had sprayed it with Shower Witch. Awesome!!! Thank you. Mary

Washing Machine Use
Found another use for Shower Witch. I have a new-fangled washing machine with a centre column that filled with immovable gunk. Three overnights with Shower Witch and its almost like new. Hurrah! Thanks. Robyn

Venetian Blinds
Well guys you are going to love this. I have found a new use for Shower Witch, the worst job in the world…venetian blinds, I have the plastic ones. After doing half the job and wishing I had never started, I thought there had to be an easier way. So thought I would try Shower Witch. I couldn’t believe my eyes… the grime was dissapearing before my eyes. I hosed them first then sprayed them and hung them in the shade for 1/2 hour, then hosed them again… well my God! They came up cleaner than the ones I did with a scourer!! Unbelievable. You need to market the same stuff but as a venetian blind cleaner. Thanks Guys. Hope this tip is useful. Avon

Kitchen Grease
It is el supremo at dissolving kitchen grease.  Even stuff Jif just gets bogged down in gets dissolved in an instant. I was amazed at even on walls a light spray and wipe with a handy towel already damp with Shower Witch did the trick. We had some baskets that sit on top of the pantry (that have recipe books in) that were pretty grimy so I took them outside, gave them a good soaking and after 10 minutes a hose off.  It cleaned them like they were new. I’m amazed. Cheers, Shane

Hi. My shower had soap and gunge build-up on it when we bought the property.  I had tried for 4 years to remove it with a variety of shower and other cleaners but Shower Witch took it off in 4 days. Wow! What a difference. It sparkles. Thanks for a great product. Mary

(Testimonials and Before & After photographs courtesy of the “Wet & Forget” website)


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