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Sharp FUY30JW Air Purifier


Sharp FUY30 air purifier
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Safe air quality in the home up to 21 square meters

Sharp’s Plasmacluster Air Purifier helps to provide a quick and powerful cleansing effect for an entire room by removing or deactivating airborne allergens, bacteria, mould spores and viruses.  It will reduce unpleasant odours and refresh the air providing clean, safe air quality in your home.

Is your home making you sick

Asthma and allergy sufferers understand the important of clean air.  Animal dander, pollen and many other airborne contaminants cause and exacerbate allergies, particularly in the home.  With more of our time spent indoors, reduces these substances from the air around us is important because they can impact upon our wellbeing.

Plasmacluster Technology:  Sharp’s air purifiers contain a Plasmacluster Ion generator that releases positive and negative ions into the air.  These ions are helpful in deactivating allergens caused by dust mites; mould spores; viruses such as influenza; removing household odours like cooking, pets, garbage and cigarette smoke.

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Anti-microbial HEPA filter:  this filter removes micron sized dust particles and trap 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air that is drawn through the filter system.


  • Powerful suction
  • Simple operation
  • Side grips
  • Easy clean rear panel filter
  • Quiet night time operation
  • HEPA filter
  • Power Supply 220-240V 50Hz



Air purifying system High density PCI generator &   fan
Plasmacluster ion modes On/Off
Plasmacluster ion density (ions/cm³) 7,000
Recommended room floor size 21m²
Recommended area for high density Plasmacluster ions* 13m²
Fan speed modes Max / med / low
Special program mode High density Plasmacluster Ion   shower
Voltage / frequency (V, Hz) 220-240, 50Hz
Power input (W) (max/med/low) 49 / 32 / 23
Standby power (W) 1
Inverter operation Yes
Airflow (max/med/low) (m³/hour) 180 / 120 / 60
Air suction power 180m³ / hour
Noise level (max/med/low) (dB) 44 / 35 / 24
Filter type – Dust collection HEP & deodorising 2-in-1
Filter type – Deodorising Yes
Filter life – HEPA / Deodorising Up to 2 years
Sensor N/A
Clean sign indicator N/A
Light control button N/A
Dimensions  (W/D/H) 365mm x 510mm x 150mm
Net weight 5 kg
Replacement filter FZY30SEF

* Size of room in which approximately 7,000 ions can be measured per cm³ in the centre of the room (at a height of approximately 1.2metres from the floor) when the product is placed next to a wall and operated at the MAX operation position.


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