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InovaAir E20 Air Purifier


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The Airclean E20 is a versatile air purifier which can be used in multiple rooms or the entire home.


The Airclean E20 system is manufactured using H13 medical-grade HEPA filtration with an incredible 6.4m2 (69ft2). surface area.


Combined with Technostat® pre-filtration microporous filter technology these filters exceed HEPA filtration standards. As a result these E20 filters provide the highest level of filtration available.


• Certified medical-grade HEPA filtration 99.99% @ 0.3 microns.
• High airflow quickly reduces ambient dust,allergens and chemical pollutants.
• Plastic-free, chemical-free all steel powder coated construction.
• EC Fan offering class leading energy consumption (6 watts @ 120m3/hour).
• High-Flow™ air diffuser with silencer for ultra quiet operation.
• Main filter life between 3-5 years for low running cost.


E20 airflow

Technical Specifications
InovaAir E20 HEPA Portable Air Purifier
Air Delivery/Airflow
Air delivery 106-510m3/hour (62-300cfm)
Recommended coverage area 20-100m2 (215-1076ft2)
EC Centrifugal Fan (European), designed for continuous 24 hour operation (ball bearing maintenance free)
Infinitely Variable Potentiometer Speed Control
Power Consumption 6-84 Watts
Power Supply 230 V, 50Hz (AUS)
Operating Temperature  Min 0o C, Max 40o C (32o F – 104o F)
System Enclosure
Construction Australian made, Dulux® Powder Coated Zinc Steel 20 gauge
Dimensions 39 x 39 x 58cm (15.3 x 15.3 x 22.8”)
Weight (Inc. HEPA filter) 16kgs (35.3lbs)
Filter Specifications
Filter 1: Pre-filter x 1: Technostat® Electrostatically Charged High Efficiency Pre-filter
Stage 2: H13 HEPA Filter x 1:H13 Medical-grade HEPA Filter, certified 99.99% minimum efficiency at 0.3 microns***
HEPA Filter Construction: Filter Surface Area 6.4m2 (69ft2) 100% airtight gasket seals, all steel housing.
Stage 3: Activated Carbon Filter x 1: Carbon Impregnated inner blanket 6mm (1/4”)
Chemical Filter Option (E20 Plus Model): 6kg (13.2lbs) coconut shell activated carbon filter can be used with HEPA filter for applications requiring heavy duty chemical & odour removal
Filter Change Intervals
Stage 1: Pre-filter: 6 months of continuous use*
Stage 2: H13 HEPA Filter: 3- 5 years continuous use*
Stage 3: Activated Carbon Filter: 6- 12 months continuous use*
6kg Chemical Filter Option (E20Plus Model): 3- 5 years continuous use