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We are the Australasian distributor for the Italian based company Fral who manufacture market leading refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers plus a select range of ultrasonic humidifiers.

The knowledge and experience we have gained has placed us in a position of confidence to offer advice, technical information, options and solutions for many problems in a variety of situations...

From mining, military and manufacturing industries; universities; museums; libraries; gymnasiums and other sporting complexes, indoor aquatic centres; rural and agricultural processes; storage facilities to portable accommodations...

There are many factors to consider when researching and comparing products as every application is different.

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Fral 16 (16 ltr/day)


Fral 16 domestic dehumidifier


Fral 16 top panel


The Fral 16 is a quiet, lightweight, modern looking machine, suitable for a variety of situations where a larger unit is not required. 

This dehumidifier has dial control to make operations simple and easy and comes back on after a power failure.

Sturdy castors on the base enable the unit to be moved easily over wooden, carpeted or tiled floors.



  • Will switch back on after power disruption
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact modern design
  • Easy dial control for setting desired humidity level
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Castors for easy moving
  • Fral quality brand


Used in:

  • 1-2 bedroom home units
  • Home computer rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Offices/boardrooms



Capacity per day 16 litres
Weight 12.4 kg
Noise level at a distance of .5m/2.5m 37 dB
Running Costs approx. $0.06/hr – $1.44 24 hrs
Transportability Castors, handle
Dimensions 57cm x 23cm x 32cm
63cm x 29cm x 38cm (boxed)
Power supply 240V 50Hz
Power consumption at 30˚C-80% 260 watts
Permissible room temperature 5-35˚C
Automatic de-icing system Compressor shut-off
Refrigerant (CFC Free) R-134a
Holding tank capacity 3.5 litres
Overflow Protection Yes
Continuous drainage 6mm hose (optional)
Model Dry Mec 16 (DM16)


2 year warranty


Optional Extras:

Continual Drainage Hose

Continual operation is easy with the new ‘Continuous Drain’ feature. Attach the hose to your dehumidifier, and run it to the drain. This bypasses the bucket so there is no need to keep emptying.




Testimonials for 16 litre dehumidifiers:

Have had the dehumidifier running.  The apartment feels soooo much better – the cold weather doesn’t seem to bite as much. Blue smileyIt hasn’t been raining a whole heap (which is when the apartment really gets musty) but I have no doubt that when it does it won’t affect the comfort levels at home.  It’s actually less “cold” not because it’s literally warmer (because I put my heater anyway) but because the air is dryer. 

Yay!  Wonderful investment I made…

Adelina Dal Pra, Wollstonecraft NSW

It is now one week since I set up the two 16 litre machines in our downstairs room. They have removed over 80 litres of water between them in one week.

I am extremely happy with my purchase, the results these machines have achieved, and your fine service. 


Ian Martin, Adamstown NSW


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