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Edmonds Ecofan Ventilation System Kit


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We can provide installation on our subfloor ventilators – contact us today to discuss pricing & location requirements.

Fan1The condition of the air space beneath a home can impact on mould and fungi growth, termite action and even household allergies and respiratory problems.

Poor sub-floor air circulation provides a conducive environment for the breeding and activity of termites.  It can also give rise to stale and musty odours which permeate into living areas.

Edmonds Ecofan has been a powerful sub-floor damp protection for Australian homes for more than a decade and through the years of Research & Development we now have an improved product for your home.

The new Ecofan design has improvements in flow performance, noise reduction, efficiency, aesthetics and ease of installation.

Powerful sub-floor damp protectionBenefits of the ecoFAN

The aim of improving sub-floor ventilation is to replace highly humid, and possibly odorous, sub-floor air with less humid can clean external air.  The drier external air, in turn, helps to absorb moisture from the soil as it contacts the surface during flow.

The Ecofan can be installed in the sub-floor brickwork or wall and replacement air holes placed into the opposite wall.  The Ecofan will exhaust air from the subfloor while replacement air will enter from the breather holes causing a cross flow ventilation pattern.

The unit is set to exhaust mode, but the motor housing can be simply reversed to allow new Ecofan to convert to an air inlet ventilator.


Protect Your Home

Damp in the sub-floor of homes can lead to rot and provide an environment conducive to termite activity.  Ecofan’s high flow rate exhausts damp air from your sub-floor helping to protect your building structure.


Protect Your FamilyPosition of Eco Fan

An unventilated sub-floor area can be the perfect area for mould growth and give rise to stale and musty odours which can permeate into living areas and wardrobes.  Ecofan’s high performance ventilation in your sub-floor protects your family from potential allergies and nasty smells.



Installation pics

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2 year warranty


Running Costs:  24 hours per day – approx $120 per year.  We recommend running on a timer for 12 hours per day.


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