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Concrobium Stain Remover (up to 37 sqm coverage)




Concrobium Stain Remover is an innovative mould stain cleaning system designed to help restoration professionals complete jobs more effectively and profitably.

The unique, non-foaming solution quickly and easily removes the toughest mould stains on a range of surfaces, and is the ideal choice for professional mould remediators:Concrobium - Before and After

Unmatched efficiency – high oxidation potential effectively removes mould stains from surfaces, renewing their look in a single application.

Easy to use – requires no scrubbing and no clean-up; just wet the surface and allow to dry! Cleans most surfaces in a single application.

No harmful chemicals – contains no chlorine or other harmful chemicals; the active ingredient is widely used in food processing. After use the product breaks down into oxygen and water.

No special equipment – can be applied with any standard sprayer; no need for special application equipment or training, and no need to subcontract out mould cleaning services.

Recommended Uses

Concrobium Mould Stain Remover can be used in homes, hospitals, schools, commercial and industrial buildings … anywhere mould stain removal is required. It’s ideal for post mould remediation clean-up and restoration.

Safe for use on most hard, non-porous or semi-porous surfaces such as wood and composite wood, concrete, masonry, gyprock, grout, fibreglass, tile, plastic laminate, metals and most carpets and fabrics (with pretesting).

Watch these time lapse videos of Concrobium Mould Stain Remover remove mould stains without scrubbing, blasting, dry ice, or elbow grease.

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Video: Wooden Beams

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View Gallery and see the dramatic transformation of surfaces back to their original state.

Concrobium - View Gallery

The product is engineered to remove cosmetic mould stains from surfaces. To eliminate active mould, treat the area first with Concrobium Mould Control and then use Mould Stain Remover to clean any remaining mould stains. Follow cleaning with another application of Concrobium Mould Control to prevent mould from returning.

How it works

Concrobium Mould Stain Remover employs peracetic acid (PAA), a highly effective oxidizing agent for mould and bacterial stains. Upon mixing, the patented enzyme-driven process generates peracetic acid of 2%, an effective threshold for cleaning.

Usage guidelines

Mix both containers with 4.55 litres of room temperature water, stirring regularly (Approx. 27- 37 square metres of coverage per mixed solution).

Wait 30 minutes after mixing with water to allow sufficient time for cleaning agent to be generated – Use within 2 hours of initial mixing.

Just wet surface and allow to work – tough stains may require up to 24 hours to disappear.

Recommended to be used in conjunction with Concrobium Mould Control to eliminate and prevent mould and spores.

Concrobium Mould Stain Remover offers significant advantages compared with traditional approaches to professional mould stain removal.


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