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We are the Australasian distributor for the Italian based company Fral who manufacture market leading refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers plus a select range of ultrasonic humidifiers.

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From mining, military and manufacturing industries; universities; museums; libraries; gymnasiums and other sporting complexes, indoor aquatic centres; rural and agricultural processes; storage facilities to portable accommodations...

There are many factors to consider when researching and comparing products as every application is different.

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Aqua Magic Environmental Cleaner

The cleaning power of Aqua Magic rivals other detergents and chemicals in its contribution to healthy environment and water conservation.  It is a unique cleaner crammed with negative, de-oxidizing ions giving its pure water base the properties which softens, emulsifies and encapsulates dirt particles.

Aqua Magic

Safe:  It is as safe as tap water – nothing has been added.Aqua Magic Cleaner - Food Safe

There are NO IRRITANTS to cause damage to human skin or living things and it is not harmful if splashed on food, ie. FOOD SAFE.

Economical:   A fine spray is all that is needed for most applications.  Aqua Magic can also be effective when diluted as much as 5:1

Non-Polluting: Does not pollute the natural environment.  It is 100% organic and biodegradable. 


Aqua Magic can be used for cleaning in all areas of your home. It is not harmful to most hard surfaces, eg. glass, timber, tiles, paintwork, vinyl and leather, stainless steel, chrome. Its applications are almost endless, eg. windows, floors, walls, benches, curtains and blinds, carpet and other fabric stains – in fact anything that water can be applied to.

Kitchen:  Undiluted, Aqua Magic is a safe and potent sanitizer for benches and chopping boards – also white goods and appliances, cook-tops, splash-backs, cupboards/pantry.

Aqua Magic Cleaner - Kitchens and bathrooms

Bathroom:  Undiluted, Aqua Magic is a powerful mould inhibitor.  First application on a grimy shower screen may require a little scrubbing but repeated use creates a very smooth, shiny, easy-clean screen.  A striking result can be achieved on shower recess, mirrors, tiled surfaces, bath and basins, toothbrushes, taps, toilets.


Vehicles:  Applied as described above and simply wiped off, Aqua Magic is an almost waterless wash for vehicles, caravans and boats.  You just need a small bucket of water to rinse the cloth.  If used regularly Aqua Magic forms an anti-static surface making grime difficult to adhere to – hence your vehicle remains cleaner longer. Aqua Magic can be diluted up to 5:1 for an average wash and will also clean upholstery and dashboards.

Car - Aqua Magic

Personal:  Aqua Magic will make your jewellery sparkle (all except coral, pearl, emerald and silver plate).


Aqua Magic is the safest cleaner for toys, nursery and play equipment.  Particularly for people with sensitive skin, it is a valid personal deodorant or mouthwash and has a soothing and healing effect for skin rashes and insect bites.


Excellent cleaning power + colourless + odourless + non-irritant

+ disinfects and deodorizes + prevents oxidation

+ prevents static electricity + pollution free + residue free


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