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At Moisture Cure, our trained & certified staff can evaluate your home or business for mould, contain & remove mould, remove excess moisture, clean fungal growth and neutralise airborne mould spores

Mid North Coast Mould Inspection

Our trained and certified staff will:

  • Evaluate your home/business to determine the level of mould contamination and risk of the situation
  • Contain and remove any contaminated materials or contents to prevent further contamination of your living and working space.
  • Remove excess moisture from the contaminated area using our industrial dehumidifiers and turbo dryers.
  • Carefully and thoroughly clean the fungal growth from remaining surfaces and/or carpets.
  • Neutralise airborne mould spores using our specialised mould prevention treatment which causes minimal disturbance to your furniture and décor.


Benefits of using our service

  • Full insurance / Certified staff
  • Make the workplace safe for employees
  • Effectiveness measurement – Before and after sampling mould count
  • Avoid litigation
  • We’ll take over your duty of care
  • We have solutions to large and complex situations
  • We cover areas between Coffs Harbour and Taree including; Port Macquarie, Kempsey, Lake Cathie and South West Rocks.


Water Intrusion Restoration

Moisture Cure operates with a small but expert and diligent team capable of most complex restoration situations.  Our permanent restoration team consists of two technicians qualified in Water Intrusion Restoration and Mould Remediation, plus administration support staff.  Casual labourers and tradesmen are outsourced as needed.



As the business has grown, so too has our equipment needs.  We now house a large inventory of drying equipment including water extractors, turbo air movers and dehumidifiers for structural and surface drying.  Less bulky but just as important are our monitoring and measuring implements.   Moisture reading meters are an essential component of the kit but we also have easy access to air sampling services where required.  Mould remediation equipment includes foggers and cleaning and decontamination solutions.

Mould Remediation

TASK – To treat entire building for suspected contamination.  Building is approx 500 sq. metres  and houses offices and archive rooms for staff of National Parks & Wildlife, approximately 15 employees.

At Moisture Cure, we offer a full Mid North Coast Mould Remediation service to Port Macquarie, Taree, Kempsey & Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas

TASK – to eradicate mould from private home in Sydney as advised by medical authority due to health issues.  The home has ducted air-conditioning throughout as well as ducted sub-floor ventilation.  Treatment included all walls, ceilings, attic, inside living areas as well as air-conditioning/sub-floor ventilation systems.

At Moisture Cure, we decontaminate inside living areas with airborne particles, treat ducted air conditioning, teat subfloor and decontaminate attic

Note:  Inside fogging requires minimal disturbance of furniture or contents

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