Building Health Evaluation Available on the Mid North Coast

Moisture Cure trained technicians conduct evaluations between Forster and Coffs Harbour to help homeowners find solutions to a range of moisture related issues, such as;

  • Mould in and on subfloor timbers (and soil)
  • Inadequate subfloor ventilationInspection Reports
  • Mould throughout the entire home or only in the rooms that do not get natural ventilation or sunlight
  • Humidity and condensation problems
  • Musty odours
  • Odour  in wardrobes and small enclosed spaces
  • Growth on furniture
  • Wooden floors cupping due to moisture
  • Growth on driveways, paths and pool areas

… just to name a few


All you need to do is call 6584 2511 and request an evaluation.


What is Involved with Our Property Inspections and Evaluations

When you contact our team of experts for a building health inspection and evaluation, our friendly staff will take your details.  One of our technicians will then contact you to discuss the property and the problems to ascertain whether an inspection is necessary, explain our procedure and our fees and organise a convenient time to carry out the inspection.


Our technician will arrive at the appointed time armed with the tools and equipment necessary to record the observations.  Photos are taken to assist with making the report transparent and easier to follow.  The procedure and notes will vary according to the problem.  The most comprehensive assessment will involve inspecting the building inside, outside and underneath to determine the reason for the problem and the best possible solution.


Our observation notes will then be taken back to our office to compile a comprehensive report including our recommendations and a quote if further work is within our scope to provide.


The final report is confidential and will become the property of the person requesting or their appointee which will be sent via email.  It will detail what was observed and/or discovered at the time of inspection; a range of recommendations to assist with or resolve your particular moisture problems.  Any quote provided, other than the original evaluation service fee, is without obligation and open to further discussion.


No more wondering what you may or may not need to do to get your home healthy and mould free thanks to the team at Moisture Cure!


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Conditions of Our Property Inspection Reports

The report is not an all-encompassing report dealing with the building from every aspect.  It is a reasonable attempt to identify any obvious or significant moisture related problems apparent at the time of the inspection.


It is not a structural report, but a non-invasive visual inspection only, limited to those areas and sections of the property fully accessible and visible to the inspector on the date of inspection.   However, a more complex and invasive inspection is also offered.  This price is available on application.


Accordingly, this report is not a guarantee that defects and/or damage does not exist in any inaccessible or partly inaccessible areas or sections of the property.


Moisture Cure head office is located in Port Macquarie, conveniently located to undertake building and property inspections, on the Mid North Coast and the surrounding areas. Just contact our team of experts today for more information. You can call us on (02) 6584 2511 or email us at We are keen to train technicians in other areas also.