Frequently Asked Questions About Air Purifiers & Air Purification Australia

What is air purification? What do air purifiers do? How do air purifiers work? Moisture Cure can provide you with the answers!

Why you should purify your air


Asthma and allergy sufferers understand the importance of clean air.  Animal dander, pollen and many other airborne contaminants cause and exacerbate allergies, particularly in the home.


What air purifiers do


  • Break down and deactivate harmful airborne germs and viruses
  • Filter substances such as pollen, dust, pet fur and dander, unpleasant odours and mould spores
  • Provide and maintain a cleaner, fresher living environment.


How they work


Sharp air purifiers contain a Plasmacluster Ion generator that releases positive and negative ions into the air. 

These ions attack suspended airborne particles and return to the surrounding air as water molecules.




Release Plasmacluster Ions. Plasmacluster Ions are similar to postive and negative ions found in nature. The ions are surrounded by water molecules and released into the air.

Attack suspended airborne microbes. The ions form hydroxide (OH) radicals that are highly oxidising when they adhere to the surfaces of airborne microes like suspended allergens, bacteria, mould and viruses. They remove hydrogen from the surface proteins, breaking them down.Return to the air as water. The hydroxide radicales combine with hydrogen to form water which returns to the air.



Air Purifiers

FUY30JW:  This unit is suitable for a room size of 21m².  It has an innovative two-in-one filtration system helping to prevent dirt and dust particles clogging the main HEPA filter.

FUA80JW:  This unit is suitable for a room size of 62m².  It is the larger version of the FUY30JW.

KCA60JW:  This unit is suitable for room size of 48m².  Being the top of the range has auto restart, child lock, antimicbrobial HEPA filter and light control buttons.



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What is Plasmacluster Technology?

Plasmacluster Technology is when a series of positive and negative ions are created through an ion generator and distributed through the air. The negative and positive ions then attach themselves to various forms airborne bacteria, mould and viruses in the atmosphere surround them and break down the molecules.

What are the major benefits of Plasmacluster Ions?

Plasmacluster Ion Technology is affective against:
– Deactivating airborne allergens, bacteria, mould spores & viruses
– Reduces unpleasant household odours including cooking, pets, garbage and cigarette smoke odours
– Refreshes the air by replenishing it with negative ions

Does the Plasmacluster cure all allergies including hay fever and dust mite?

The Plasmacluster Air purifier is not a medical device; we cannot claim it can cure allergies or asthma.  However the product’s filtration system, including the pre filters, Apatite HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) and active Carbon filters are highly effective in dealing with airborne allergens such as dust mite, pet and pollen that trigger allergies and asthma. The HEPA filter is a specially designed filter that captures particles as small as 0.3 of micron, effectively cleaning 99.97%.

How effective is the Plasmacluster in deodorising household odours including cigarette and pet smells?

The built in ion generator, which emits positive and negative ions into the air, is highly effective at neutralising unpleasant odours such as cooking odours, tobacco smoke, mildew and pets smells.

Are Sharp Plasmacluster Ions different from negative Ions?

Yes.  Sharp Plasmacluster Ions are a combination of positive and negative ions. This combination of ions produces hydroxyl radicals with a powerful activated effect, to remove airborne viruses/mould and undesirable odours.  Negative only ions have the effect of refreshing the air in a room.  Positive and negative ions that make up a cluster ion occur naturally and are safe and harmless.

Is the Plasmacluster expensive to run?

No not at all. In fact the Sharp Plasmacluster is designed so that it can be run 24 hours 7 days a week if required.

How often should the filters be replaced & how much do they cost?

Filter replacement is dependent on model and its use.  Between 2 and 5 years depending on model

How do Sharp Air Purifiers differ from other brands?

Sharp Air Purifiers use passive (air filters) and active (Plasmacluster Technology) methods of air purification.


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