Dehumidifiers and condensation

We receive lots of enquires from Tasmania and Victoria. The cold weather they experience is causing havoc with condensation.


Lots of homes and some businesses have condensed water streaming down their windows in the morning, causing homes to suffer from mouldy curtains and mouldy plaster and fittings.

Home owners are at their wit’s end keeping their windows dry.

The problem is a bit of a catch twenty two.  If you stoke the fire up to dry your rooms, this will of course warm your home.  With your home cosy and warm, this will cause the excess moisture that is being created to turn into higher than normal humidity.  When the humidity level becomes higher, over 65-70% is about the turning point, mould will begin to grow, in some cases, expediently.

Our solution is this.  Warm your home with whatever means you have, and run your Moisture Cure dehumidifier a little more often.  How much more depends on your situation.

If you home is quite damp with water cascading down your windows, run your dehumidifier for up to a week, 24/7.

This will dry the excess moisture from everything that is holding moisture, including books, furniture, bedding, belts, handbags, shoes, walls, carpeting etc.  Running your dehumidifier a little more this time of year will accomplish a couple of things.  First up you will reduce the water running down your windows, and secondly your heating bill will be reduced.


How will you reduce your heating bill? It’s simple.

When your dehumidifier reduces the moisture in your home, the air in your home will become drier and more comfortable.  A major benefit from this is that dry air conducts heat much easier and quicker than damp air, so the dryer air means your heating system is more efficient.

In some cases your Moisture Cure dehumidifier will be all the heating you require.  And at only cents per hour to run, it makes good economic sense to run a dehumidifier all through the winter.


Oh, another benefit is your Moisture Cure dehumidifier is perfect for drying your laundry.

After your washing is spun dry, hang it on a cloths hoist and place your dehumidifier near or even under the washing. Leave the dehumidifier to do its job and by the end of the day your washing will be dry, a practical and economic drying solution.


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