Dehumidifiers in humid, coastal areas

Beach1High rainfall, high summer temperatures and mountainous, timbered areas make an ideal breeding ground for mould to grow, sometimes exponentially. 

Small capacity dehumidifiers, in most cases, are not powerful enough for these conditions.

Powerful, large extraction units, like the Moisture Cure 35, the FRAL 24 or the Moisture Cure 20  are  more suitable for this region. 

With the summer temperature often in the high 20’s or even 30’s and humidity as high as 85-90%+ a dehumidifier needs to be selected for  its ability to extract large volumes of moisture quickly, quietly and at a reasonable running cost.  The above dehumidifiers will handle these conditions with ease.


Ventilation and natural sunshine should also be considereSund.  Whenever possible ventilate your home by opening windows and doors as much as possible, and always encourage as much sunlight into your home as you can.

Even leaving your windows open a little will help.  Security is always an issue these days, so maybe consider investing in window locks that allow windows to be left open with minimal risk of them being forced open.  Lengths of timber dowel  laid in the window tracks will achieve a similar result.  Either way, try and keep windows open as often as possible to give your home the best possible chance of being ventilated.

Large capacity dehumidifiers are the choice for these areas, but sometimes they can be partnered up with smaller capacity units being used in separate bedrooms or even home offices.  Use the large capacity unit in the main areas and use the smaller units for a day or two in different bedrooms.

Moisture Cure does have specials where you can purchase 2 larger units and receive a discounted smaller unit.


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