Aged Care and Nursing Homes (Health)swirl side panel

Agricultural and Rural Manufacturing (Humidity and Mould)

Air Conditioning Contractors (Humidity)

Ammunitions Storage (Moisture and Corrosion)

Architects and Building Designers (Humidity)

Archive Storage (Moisture and Mould)

Art Galleries (Humidity and Mould)

Bee Keeping (Humidity)

Boat Storage (Mould and Humidity)

Cake Decorating (Humidity)

Cameras and Photographic Equipment (Moisture and Corrosion)

Caravan or Boat Owners (Mould)

Child Care Centres (Allergies and Mould)

Churches (Health, Humidity and Mould)

Cinemas and Theatres (Humidity and Mould)

Clubs and Pubs (Humidity)

Community Centres (Humidity)

Confectionery Manufacturing (Humidity)

Containers (Condensation, Corrosion and Humidity)

Defence Forces (Corrosion, Humidity, Condensation, Mould and Health)

Doctors and Medical Centres (Health and Mould)

Electrical Components (Corrosion and Humidity)

Equipment Hire Companies

Garlic Growers (Humidity)

Government Buildings (Health, Mould and Litigation)

Guitar Owners (Humidity)

Guitar Retailers (Humidity)

Gymnasiums and Sports Centres (Humidity and Health)

Herb Growers (Humidity)

Home Theatre Installers (Humidity and Corrosion)

Houseboats (Mould)

Ice Skating Rinks (Humidity)

Indoor Aquatic Centres (Humidity and Condensation)

Indoor Swimming Pools (Condensation and Humidity)

Laboratories (Humidity)

Leather Products (Mould)




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