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Moisture Cure solutions for mould humidity condensation & ventilation in homes across Australia

Our experience in finding solutions for mould and moisture control, humidity,  ventilation and condensation problems in homes across Australia  is a major benefit to our customers

Most of our domestic customers live on the East coast between Melbourne and Cairns.  Hot spots for us are all of the Northern rivers, mid north coast NSW, Sydney, North and South coast, much of Queensland especially Far North, Gold Coast and hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane.

We also sell inland, to a lesser degree, to homes that have condensation issues on their windows and walls.  Their homes will benefit from being warmer and cosier.  Tasmania and Melbourne also have good potential as they are cold and damp for 9 months of the year. But really any building situated within 10km of a lake, river or ocean is a potential customer. 

Worst situations are where the home is closed up for most of the day, rooms that don’t get used, buildings cut into the landscape, heated indoor pool rooms , walk-in-robes, lower level rooms or storage areas. 

 Moisture Cure provide a wide variety of portable dehumidifiers for home, commercial de humidifiers & industrial dehumidifyers

On our FRAL 16 and 24, we offer a warranty of up to 5 years and free lifetime servicing.

We can confidently offer you this due to the quality of these machines.

We back our experience up with quality products that we have developed some history with.  Most of our products have been in our range for at least 7 years, some as long as 11, so we have a good understanding of the reliability and the performance of these units.

As we supply to homes all across Australia we need stock, more than our showroom can hold.  Our warehouse can hold hundreds of units and we have learnt from experience that this is very beneficial as a domestic household may require 1, 2 or 3 units but a retirement village for example, requires multiple units.

Video tagVirtual tour of our warehouse:

Moisture Cure has one of Australia's largest range of domestic dehumidifiers in AustraliaAnother benefit of being in business for over a decade is we have accumulated spare parts for all the units we have sold so we can generally repair the dehumidifiers we have sold, even the older original models.

Moisture Cure offers the added benefit of repair for most dehumidifyers sold

As reassurance to you if you have a mechanical problem with your dehumidifier, all you have to do is pack and send it back to us and our qualified technician will repair and test your unit.

There are mini rechargeables that get on top of the dampness in your wardrobes that attacks leather shoes, bags and clothing.  These compact units are great for storage areas in caravans and boats plus a multitude of other areas.

Moisture Cure's small compact rechargeable dehumidifiers for all your enclosed areas

Other moisture and mould control products available are the Moisture Cure dehumidifying egg.  And to help with those leather or suede jackets there is the dehumidifying mould and moisture control coat hanger.

In the fight against allergies there is our quality range of Sharp air purifiers.  We have 3 models to choose from and because they are Sharp, we believe they are the best available.

The list of products goes on to include: Aqua Magic, an all-purpose, environmentally friendly cleaner and Shower Witch to remove soap scum and build-up in your bathroom.

The products listed above cater to the interior of your home to assist with mould and moisture control, humidity condensation and allergy.

External areas can cause problems too, such as growth on exterior walls, outdoor furniture, around the pool, paving, driveways, etc.  Wet & Forget mould, grunge and grime remover will solve these issues and get your home looking bright and clean.  This product is recommended by Council’s across Australia for their parks and gardens maintenance.  It actually works its way down to the roots and kills the growth and with the assistance of Mother Nature, the sun, wind and rain take care of the rest.

Another external area that affects your home is the condition of your subfloor area. 

 Moisture Cure has a wide range of ducted ventilation systems & sub floor ventilation fans

Sufficient ventilation is required to keep this area dry and mould free.  Fans and ducted systems will take care of this and we offer an individually designed system to suit your home and particular ventilation issue. 

If your subfloor has issues already, our Mould Remediation fogging treatment will kill off and reduce the spore count and teamed with sufficient ventilation, this problem should not reoccur.

The roof areas can also cause ventilation problems and we have a range of Edmonds products that will circulate the air in your roof cavity keeping it healthy and dry.

If you are still unsure of what is required to solve your particular problem, our Property Inspection service provided in the Forster to Coffs Harbour region can put your mind at ease.  You will receive a report (with photographs if required outlining our findings, recommendations and obligation-free quotation.

We are here to help you find a solution so please come into our showroom or give us a call (02) 6584 2511

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